Workers’ Compensation Fraud

Workers’ compensation is an important safety net for employees who are injured on the job, but it isn’t free. Businesses pay into the insurance fund for every staff member. When workers are injured on the job, it hurts the company too, first in the loss of the employee’s production, and second when workers’ compensation insurance premiums increase. So it is imperative that only truly injured workers are making workers’ comp claims.

Protect Your Las Vegas Company From Workers’ Compensation Fraud

Most employers are glad that their employees are taken care of if there is ever a need. However, employers need to be sure that employees are getting what they really deserve and not taking advantage of the system. Certain injuries are easy to see: a worker in a cast or another with wounds that are still healing. Other injuries aren’t so obvious. One of the highest reported injuries for workers’ compensation claims is back pain. Back pain is a real injury, but what if you suspect workers’ compensation fraud, such as an employee exaggerating or even faking an injury?

Our Las Vegas Workers’ Compensation Fraud Surveillance

At Exclusive Investigations, we have served Las Vegas area businesses for over 20 years. We know that you want to give your employees the benefit of the doubt, and you sure don’t want them resenting you for making unfounded allegations. Our experienced investigators perform diligent surveillance services to provide the solid evidence you need to prove workers’ compensation fraud, providing the peace of mind that comes from a professional and discreet investigation.

Sometimes, it’s too easy. An employee with a supposedly painful and serious back injury playing second base at a softball tournament makes for an open-and-shut case with a couple of photos and a few minutes of video. Other times, a deeper investigation is needed to find the evidence you need. Operating unseen, we can not only observe your employees but also interview neighbors and other people who come into contact with them. What do they see? Does it fit with the injuries? We also watch social media to see not only what they post but what their friends post as well. That skydiving selfie may be all you need.

Just as often, we find out that the employee really is healing from their work-related injuries. Someone who looks fine may begin limping after a short distance. An employee who leaves the house every day to go to the gym may seem suspicious, until you realize that they spent all their time in the therapy pool.

Contact Exclusive Investigations today and let us know how we can help protect your Las Vegas business from workers’ compensation fraud.