Unmanned Camera Rental

Sometimes an investigator is not the only way to find out the information you need. When events take place behind closed doors, or in rooms without access, all the skills in the world won’t provide the evidence you need. In these cases, an unmanned camera may be the way to go.

Traditional cameras require someone to be there to record when the action starts. With an unmanned camera, you have additional options for collecting the information you require. If you know the when, a continuously recording camera can provide the what. Placing the camera in a camouflaged location and then letting it record for hours ensures that you won’t miss one second of what happens.

Another option with an unmanned camera is a motion or lighting detector. This works by only recording when there is movement or a change in the lighting. These cameras are useful for when you need to know what is going on at a certain place, but you’re not sure exactly when it’s going to occur. By setting the camera to record only when there is movement in an area, it can record for a much longer period of time before it runs out of space, ensuring the activity will be captured and recorded.

It is important to remember that unmanned cameras record digitally to an internal storage drive, or an SD card of some form. While the amount of data that these cards can store is quite large, high-quality video takes up a lot of space. That means you need more than a plan to put the camera in place. You need a plan to retrieve the camera, and if necessary, change out the memory storage.

Our Unmanned Surveillance Camera Rentals

We offer high-quality, unmanned surveillance cameras for rent. We can work with you to determine where the best location to place the camera would be, as well as help you develop a plan to retrieve the camera when the time comes.

Contact Exclusive Investigations to learn more about our unmanned camera rentals in Las Vegas. We’ll make sure you get the evidence you need, whether you use only a hidden camera, or if you use it in conjunction with our other investigative and surveillance services.