Exclusive Investigations Inc. Services

Exclusive Investigations Inc., we are a Las Vegas private detective agency. We are a full-service agency known for delivering first-class results for our clients. We work closely with private investigators around the nation and affiliates on international basis.

When it comes to investigations of private nature, we understand the need for accuracy. On that, we are lucky to have modern investigative tools, not forgetting the trained investigators. It isn’t all about the training, but our staff is passionate about the surveillance. Our clients can, therefore, expect detailed results whenever they issue us with an assignment.

Since inception, our experienced Las Vegas domestic and corporate investigators have helped countless clients solve mysteries. Our customer base ranges from individuals to insurance companies, hotels, casinos, and financial institutions among many other platforms. Also, we step in whenever called upon by law firms to help with the legal investigations.

Private investigations can be complex. Many firms specializing in the field are never sure of where to begin and hence end up failing. Well, as a private investigator in Las Vegas, failure doesn’t exist in our dictionary. Often, people are always asking how we manage to stay at the top of the game. The secret to succeeding in such a field is that we involve our clients in the entire process.

First, we ensure to understand your goals and then customize the case based on your needs. Remember, all this is made possible while maintaining full confidentiality and keenness.

For the people Las Vegas, Exclusive Investigations has remained the top private detective agency in Las Vegas, offering a wide range of domestic and corporate investigation services, which include;

Domestic investigations

In the recent past, cases of divorce have been on the rise. Cheating is the reason behind this awful trend. There is nothing that feels annoying than having a slight betrayal of trust in the relationship. If you have been down that road before, then you understand how destructive and painful the experience can get. At Exclusive investigations Inc., we help our clients with personal issues, which involve their spouses. We fully understand the sensitive nature of such investigations. As a result, we are committed to preserving and respecting our client’s privacy.

Breach of contract investigations

Today, companies are always looking for private investigators in Las Vegas to help with proving that their departed employees have not breached or intend to breach a non-compete contract. At Exclusive Investigators Inc., we assist companies during such moments by gaining the evidence needed to prosecute the employees who violate written agreements.

Child support and parental neglect investigations

With the growing rate of divorces, cases of child support have become the talk of the town. There is nothing that feels annoying than being separated from your loved ones, especially the kids. At Exclusive Investigations, we help our clients with child support cases by identifying parental neglect and unfit parents through our investigations.

Counter surveillance

Do you suspect that you are being monitored? There is nothing to worry about because we can assist you in identifying the source and motive of why you are under surveillance.

Missing person investigations

Having a missing person is one unsettling experience. You never know if they are dead, kidnapped or what they are going through. Cases as such are often left for the police. Unfortunately, dealing with the police can be ugly as they tend to leave you out of the entire search process. That’s where our experience Las Vegas private detectives come in, as specialists, offering the same services, and with you on board. We work from the starting point and involve the relevant authorities while ensuring that the safety of your missing family member isn’t compromised.

GPS tracking

With the rising cases of car thefts around Las Vegas, GPS tracking is a sensitive area. At Exclusive Investigations, we help our clients with GPS tracking services in case the unexpected happens. We boast of having modern tracking technology, and that means effective results.

Now and then, we have continued to get positive reviews from the clients who we happen to hire our services. Here are some of the reasons why we remain at the top for individuals looking for private investigation services;

We are confidential

At Exclusive Investigations, confidentiality is our second name. When working with us, you can be sure that your identity is safe for the sake of the investigation at hand.

We don’t subcontract the task given

Why sub-contract the investigations while we have the power to deliver? At Exclusive Investigations Inc., we only accept tasks we can handle by ourselves. Therefore, by hiring our services, you can be sure that there are no third-parties involved, and that means full confidentiality and success of the investigations.

Top experience

One reason why you shouldn’t hesitate to hire our Las Vegas private detective agency is our unmatched experience. We are known to have the best of the best investigators in the industry. Our talented investigators have been in the game long enough handling various areas from financial institutions to legal cases. Therefore, if you are looking for a team that understands the job, we are the right guys for the job.


Private investigations don’t have to leave a hole in your pockets. If you are looking for a private investigator that minds the harsh economic status, don’t hesitate to give us a call. Our services are customized based on your needs and budget.