Exclusive Investigations Inc. is committed to providing our clients with convenience and security when paying for investigative services. Retain our Las Vegas private investigators to lock in your requested service, dates, and times. We are proud to offer our Clients multiple ways to secure services. Please choose the option that would be most discreet for you!


At no time is your card information retained by our agency. By executing one of the Retainer options, you, the Client, agree that you have manually entered your card information and the amount. Furthermore, you agree that Exclusive Investigations Inc., has never had possession of your card or the card information therein. You, the Client, have agreed to the set forth Retainer amount and have executed that amount on your own volition.

To Retain, please click the icon and follow the prompts.

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An additional 4% transaction fee is required. For example, you want to retain $1000.00 x 4% equals a total retainer fee of $1040.00.





Please contact us to discuss options
via (702) 893-2229


Please be advised that when paying by check, Exclusive Investigations Inc., will not start the case and/or divulge any case details prior to the clearance of the check.