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Surveillance for Las Vegas, the Vegas Strip, and Surrounding Areas

At Exclusive Investigations, we make your problem, our problem. Don’t be the last one to know what’s going on! Our private investigators and detectives are trained professionals, who can gather all the facts you need to make the most accurate and irrefutable decisions about your present situation and foreseeable future. All information obtained and/or remotely related to your case is kept strictly Private and Confidential.

We utilize and require our investigators to employ the very best equipment on the market. This allows us to obtain video in locations and various situations without being noticed and without compromising the integrity of the investigation. We obtain as much video as possible, when discreet and prudent, and all video is obtained on Hi-Definition devices. During the course of a surveillance investigation, your assigned investigator(s) have the ability to send immediate pictures from the field either via text or email. This allows you as the Client the ability to review part of our work prior to the conclusion and the ability to confirm or deny that we have the correct Subject. At the end of the investigation, we are able to put all video onto a DVD/CD-Rom disc and immediately furnish as many copies as you’d like, shipped to whatever address you’d like or we can upload the video via the internet and send through Dropbox or Google Drive. We are required to keep your file for a period of 5 years, meaning if for some reason you need information or copies of the video obtained 2,3, 4 years down the road, we have you covered. That being said, if you/your attorney advises the destruction of the file, we would need that in writing.

To provide a typical surveillance assignment example: You contact our agency and explain that your significant other is headed to Las Vegas. First, we confirm the dates requiring coverage and ask you some information on the Subject, itinerary etc… Once the “basic”information is established, we then provide you with a thorough A to Z explanation on how the process works, what to expect from us and of course our rates. Next, we discuss confidentiality, as this is the most important issue for both you and our firm. We will ask you how you’d like to be updated throughout the course of the investigation; either via phone, text or email (our phone numbers always come through either blocked or private). The time starts when we leave the office until we get back. We update you on the progress of the investigation while in the field. All expenses incurred in the field are authorized by you prior. There are NO surprises with our agency. You will be updated and informed every step of the way.

At this point if you have decided that our firm is the right fit for you, we will require a retainer to secure the dates and times in need of coverage as well as require all pertinent case information such as pictures, hotel location, flight schedule, whatever helpful information you have. A case file is then set up and we are ready to go.

Please note *** Once the initial retainer has been exhausted, we require further retainer to continue the investigation, no exceptions. If we end up retaining too much, at the end we simply re-credit. The ability to maintain constant contact with you is often crucial as it helps us make quick and efficient decisions to produce cost-effective results.

Nationwide Background Checks

A proper Background Check doesn’t just consist of an initial database search.  Often times, the public will resort to pay as you go online databases that promise information for a nominal fee.  More often than not, the information they provide is either outdated, obscured or simply just not correct.  Seasoned private investigators use databases that the general public can’t access. At Exclusive Investigations Inc., we use the very best databases in the country.  In order for us to provide a clear picture, information obtained must be confirmed or denied. Once we have pinpointed the correct individual or business we then begin the process of picking the information apart and exploit all possible leads.  We conduct an extensive search and provide you with a detailed report of our findings.

Additional Investigative Services:

  • Trash Grabs
  • Employment Searches
  • Telephone Breaks
  • Counter-Surveillance
  • Utility Searches
  • Cell Phone Break
  • FMLA (Family Medical Leave act Claims)
  • Child Custody

If you see a service you are in need of and it’s not listed above, don’t worry, these are a list of the main types of investigative services we provide on a daily basis. Please feel free to ask if you are in need of a service not listed and we will advise. No case is too big nor too small

We proudly provide services to:

  • Insurance Companies
  • Attorneys
  • Personal Private Investigations (General Public)
  • Corporations
  • Third Party Administrators
  • Private Investigation Firms

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