Attorney Services

As an attorney, you know the law. You also know that sometimes there is a very big difference between what you know and what you can prove. At Exclusive Investigations, we provide investigative and surveillance services for attorneys in Las Vegas, using the highest ethical standards and discretion, so you can be sure that the evidence we gather to help you support your case won’t be tainted by unsavory collection tactics.

Divorces frequently devolve into a he-said-she-said situation. Without proof, the judge or arbitrator has to go on what they can parse out of a potentially acrimonious hearing. That is why our private investigators use our intimate knowledge of the Las Vegas area and our advanced surveillance skills and technology not only to find out what you need to know to support your case but also to deliver the concrete evidence you need to build a solid case.

Custody Disputes

When it comes to custody disputes, it is all too easy for an unfit parent to keep it together and act responsibly during a short hearing. Put Exclusive Investigations on the case, and we’ll find out the real truth. Whether it is leaving the child unsupervised, having them in the company of dangerous or unstable people, or doing inappropriate things around them, our investigative and surveillance services will gather the evidence you need to make sure everyone knows the whole truth.

Locating Hard-to-Find People

Of course, one of the trickiest situations is when you can’t find the people you need to testify, or when your key witness has hidden credibility issues. We excel in combing through background checks, social media, and public records to find the people you need and conduct in-depth research to ensure your witnesses don’t have unsavory secrets that will spoil their credibility on the stand.

Our skilled investigators conduct thorough background checks that not only cover traditional examinations, but social media searches as well. There’s nothing worse than hiring someone or using them as a witness or expert witness only to find out that the life they live online casts credibility problems that could harm your case.

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